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Posted by sioenorge den oktober 12, 2009

10.october demonstration – a sucsess for English defence league, EDL. Ofcourse the redbrown socalled anti-racist were present with a lot of provocations, but EDL managed to set the agenda for the day. Here is spokesman Trevor Kelways comment:
Hello everybody.

Well, what can i say, Congratulations to everybody who attended on Sat, there were over 2000 EDL members in the area around Piccadilly Gardens on the day, though only a few hundred were permitted to join in the protest.

This was by far better than any of us expected, and despite the numbers, was a Peaceful Protest, in fact this was the only truthful remark I could find on the «hope not hate» website.

Please sign up to the 4Freedoms Website, and join the EDL group on there.

We have no doubt gained a lot of support from the public after the events on Saturday, despite the complete «Media Blackout» as far as the tabloids go. They wanted a riot, 200 arrests etc. They tried everything in their power to provoke a reaction which they did not get and for that we are all very proud of the conduct from EDL members and supporters who attended not only the protest, or the March to the buses, but lets not forget those who were not permitted to get involved in anyway. See the video below.

Thanks again, and i will be in touch soon.



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