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Posted by sioenorge den februar 7, 2009

Director of police, Killengreen, and minister of justice, Knut Storberget, allow hijab in the police.

Director of police, Killengreen, and minister of justice, Knut Storberget, allow hijab in the police.

Islam’s chief in Europe, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, has won another victory – the Norwegian Director of police, Ingelin Killengreen and the minister of justice, Knut Storberget – allow use of hijab for female members of the Police force. This is another evidence for Qaradawi that in our days the shortest way to bring islam to Europe is to co-operate with the authorities.

Killengreen says:

«The police – a country’s civil executive power – must represent a mirror image of the population, and not favour special groups of etnic or religious belonging. Concerning recruiting of civil servants, both men and women representing a multitude of the population, is of the greatest significance.»

With this statement Killengreen just favours people belonging to a special religious group. And moreover – this group stands for a political ideology whose object is to destroy our democracy. The femal muslims wearing hijab give signals and their islam uniform demonstrates that they do not want to be part of the Norwegian society, they do not want integrity, they do not wish to be mingled with Norwegian police men- and women. What these slaves of a system want, is to build up an islamic parallel to the Police force in Norway. The Norwegian Islamic Council is the bottom of it. Their demand pointing to what is permitted and what is forbidden in their religion, in fact are political demands.

Female muslim police servants with hijab in England. This will most probably also be seen in Norway before short.

Female muslim police servants with hijab in England. This will most probably also be seen in Norway before short.

This was a day of a great loss for SIAN. Our application to the Police Directorate saying that hijab must not be allowed, was ignored. The leader of the Police Federation, Arne Johannessen, agrees with us. He is now surprised and disappointed because of this decision. He emphasizes that the Norwegian police must be neutral to etnic and religious groups.

This has now come to an end when islamic women in the police are allowed to wear hijab.

In spite of the fact that islam is invading Norway in high speed, SIAN will not give in. We are going to ask the minister of justice to have a meeting with him in which we are going to present our worry for what is going on in our country. Our organization must, together with all who agree with us, work on having a new law passed, saying: Nobody is allowed to prefer a claim, owing to religion in our community.

Arne Tumyr

Leader Stopp Islamiseringen av Norge (SIAN)



  1. wileysnakeskins said

    This is an outrage! The government of any country and it’s officers, agents and yes, even police do not show defference to any particular section of a society. It apears that in Norway, even the police bow down to islam and allow special situations for followers of the ideology thats’ only goals is to raigne supreme in that country. islam appears to be the preferred culture and when it’s a culture that places women at a lesser position in it’s culture than cattle or any other property a man owns, these women smiling whild running a political fasion show; are so ignorant of the position they’ve placed themselves in as to be utterly insane. I guess if you beat them, rape them and humiliate them enough you can parade them out and show them as what they are; symbols of the rule of men over their very lives and minds. Norway and it’s westernized citizens appear to the world as the cultural cowards they and their leaders apparently are. Hey, stupid, it’s Norway; not Iran, it’s a civilized freedom loving country that once fought against tyrrany and supremist deology such as Nazism. Stand up you cowards!

  2. Sigurd said

    På tide å oppdatere litt.
    Vi, folket i Norge, vant både blasfemilovforslaget og hijabuniformforslaget!

    Men kampen er ikke over!

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